Exposed: 35+ Social Media ‘Catfishes’ Unmask Their True Identities – You Won’t Believe What They Look Like!

With the growth of social media use over the past two decades, online catfishing has become increasingly prevalent. Although this term is typically used to describe a form of online scam where an individual poses as someone else, there are those who actively participate in what is known as the “Catfish Challenge.” In this challenge, participants openly admit to their catfishing efforts and share their transformation methods. Through this unique lens, we are offered a glimpse into the process by which these makeover masters are able to completely alter their appearance and take on entirely new personas. So come and peek behind the curtain to see just how they do it.

Bronzer Is Your Friend

In recent times, the standards of female beauty have become increasingly demanding, causing a significant number of people to feel apprehensive about stepping out of the house without makeup. To address this, many opt for a simple and efficient cosmetics regimen, primarily aimed at concealing their natural imperfections using items like concealer, eyeliner, and blush.

It seems as though this woman is highly skilled in the art of makeup application, perhaps even to a professional level. She has demonstrated a remarkable ability to transform her appearance through the strategic use of bronzer, particularly on her neck and collarbone.

But, How?!

Although we recognize that everyone possesses their own unique beauty, certain physical characteristics are highly regarded in specific cultures. For instance, the “China-doll” appearance is highly admired as the epitome of beauty in many Asian countries, whereas features that are considered rough or harsh are often viewed as unremarkable.

This woman seems to possess some undisclosed techniques to transform her naturally broader face into a narrower and smoother one, so much so that the only identifiable features in both photographs are her shirt and hair color.

Slay, Queen!

As LGBTQ+ culture has gained more visibility in the mainstream, numerous drag queens have achieved widespread recognition. Although the primary objective of a drag queen’s makeup is typically to transform a masculine appearance into a feminine one, we believe that this particular queen has exceeded expectations.

Had we spotted the woman on the right in our locality, we would not have presumed that she was once a strikingly handsome man sporting a mustache. But after all the effort, this Queen is now prepared for her moment in the spotlight!

Glam it Up

Do you know what? There are times when we feel the desire to completely revamp our appearance. It’s like how Cinderella would transform into a different person when going out to clubs. This expert shapeshifter seems to have a similar inclination.

It must have required a great deal of skill and time for her to execute this transformation so flawlessly. The contrast between the charming and homely figure on the left and the stunning and glamorous diva on the right is truly striking and remarkable.

Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed

Makeup has become an essential component of the morning regimen for most women. In fact, some of them rely on it to invigorate themselves, just like they would with a cup of coffee. The woman in the picture on the left appears drowsy, with her eyes droopy and her lips devoid of a smile.

The second photo depicts her livelier sibling. Her false eyelashes and bronze eye shadow have worked wonders to bring out the sparkle in her eyes, and they perfectly match the full, dusty orange lips.

Turn That Frown Upside Down

When done correctly, makeup has the ability to boost our confidence and transform our appearance. In this particular makeover, the beautiful lady goes from feeling frumpy to fabulous with the help of some expertly applied cosmetics.

Although her new hairstyle certainly plays a role in her transformation, it’s the makeup that steals the show. A bold red lip and sculpted eyebrows work wonders in making her eyes sparkle and giving her an added level of glamour.

Emo Chic

It’s amazing how a change in appearance can make someone look like an entirely different person with a completely different aesthetic. In this case, the woman’s transformation takes us from thinking of a childhood friend’s punkish sister to being a fan of a goth rockstar.

With dark green hair, an intricate choker, baby pink lips, and dramatic eyes, this look is serving up some serious rock glam vibes. And the way the woman used prosthetics and makeup to change the shape of her nose is nothing short of impressive.

All About Them Angles

When we’re feeling self-conscious about certain features, we can choose to live with them, find flattering angles for photos, or do what this woman did – completely transform her face. With some expertly applied makeup and a smokey blonde look, she’s unrecognizable from some angles.

By skillfully contouring and highlighting, she’s managed to alter the appearance of her chin and skin to make them appear flawless. It’s amazing what some makeup and a new hairdo can do!

Game On

The great hair debate between Millennials and Gen Z has been reignited, with the former team sporting side parts and the latter advocating for middle parts. This woman proves that both can look great on anyone, as she pulls off both styles with ease.

With expertly sculpted features and perfect eyebrows, she manages to make both styles work for her. It just goes to show that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to hair, and it’s all about finding what works for you.

All About That Base

Make sure you never skip your primer! Just look at our next example to see the amazing transformation that can be achieved with proper use of primer, foundation, and contouring.

This beautiful lady’s expert use of makeup has enhanced her features without being too dramatic, with her mesmerizing eyes highlighted and the rest of her face looking flawless.

Instant Nose Job

Makeup isn’t just for hiding or emphasizing features, it can also be used to completely alter your appearance. This woman has mastered the art of contouring and highlighting to reshape her nose and change the style of her eyebrows.

Her dark brown lip pencil makes her lips pop even with nude lipstick, resulting in a truly flawless look.

This Girl Is on Fire

Color coordination can work wonders when it comes to makeup and accessories. With a few alterations and clever use of pink, this girl has transformed into an ethereal fairy-queen.

Her perfectly drawn pink lips and eyeshadow, complemented by her foundation, give her a beautiful glow. It was a smart choice to resist putting on some pink blush with all that pink.

So Fetch

Watching men flawlessly transform into beautiful women is impressive. This person’s incredible talent at makeup and wig application is something to be jealous of.

The glasses work perfectly with the yellow strips in her hair, and her impeccable sense of style gives us serious Mean Girls vibes. Which clique do you think she would be a part of?


Some makeup transformations feel like magic, but this girl’s makeover is the real deal. She went from Cinderella to the belle of the ball, with the most incredible difference being in her eyes.

She’s rocking those colored contacts and somehow added a crease that wasn’t there before. It’s truly amazing.

Fifty Shades of Foundation

Good lighting and high-quality foundation can make a huge difference. Although these two girls look like they have different skin tones, it’s just the power of makeup.

The peacock-inspired ombre eyeshadow brings a shine to her beautiful eyes, and the eyeliner changes the shape of her eyes, making them appear wider. Her contoured cheekbones complete the look.

Conceal, Don’t Feel

Makeup can give us a confidence boost when done right. This lady’s makeover is done to perfection, making her look glowing and confident in the second photo.

We hope she gains more self-assurance, so she can have this shine without makeup.

Do it Yourself

Cello tape is a DIY staple with a million and one uses, but we had no idea it could be used to change the shape of our face.

This crafty girl has transformed her appearance with clever use of cello tape and makeup. We wonder what other DIY tricks she has up her sleeve.

Dazzling Darling

Many medical conditions can impact our appearance and alter how we feel about ourselves. This girl received a confidence-boosting makeover after overcoming a serious illness that had left her feeling insecure about her looks.

It is impressive how the makeover enhanced her natural beauty, making her look happy and healthy. The makeup around her eyes accentuated her radiance, and we wish her many years of good health.

Love a Fierce Lip

From actresses to fashionistas, many women have discovered the power of a bold red lipstick. This girl has mastered the art of applying it and used it to transform her appearance wonderfully.

Although the attention is drawn to her ombre lip shade, her eyes are equally captivating, accentuated by the thick eyeliner creating an eye fold illusion. These small changes create a significant difference that surprises us all.

We’re Shook

It’s amazing to see the amount of thought and creativity put into creating a flattering photo for social media, from choosing the right background to the perfect angle. Thanks to these manipulations, the end product can look nothing like the original.

This TikToker is as surprised as we are at the stark contrast between the two photos. It’s all about those flattering angles, and we will keep repeating it.

Hocus Pocus

It seems like this girl must be a witch. She has entirely transformed her face to the point where, without the same shirt and circlet on her head, we wouldn’t recognize her.

False lashes and contouring makeup made a remarkable difference to her entire look. We love the ethereal vibe she achieved with her makeover.


We love seeing fabulous cross-dressing efforts, and this before-and-after picture featuring what appears to be a brother and sister fills our hearts with joy. The poster has won the good-looks lottery regardless of the style they’re going for.

The dramatic makeup on those smoky eyes brings all the drama into an otherwise plain made-over look, and those brows are a perfect frame for this artistic creation. We love it.

Who Run the World

Makeup not only boosts our confidence, but it also amplifies our fierceness. It empowers us to take on anything the world throws at us with bravery and conquer every obstacle in our way. With makeup on, we feel unstoppable and ready to face any challenge with utmost determination.

This poster demonstrates that a girl can transform herself from a 10 to a thousand in no time. And if she can achieve such a remarkable change with the help of sparkly eyes, a blazing wig, and an epic accessory, then she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. These enhancements not only elevate her physical appearance but also her confidence and courage, making her capable of taking on any challenge that comes her way.

From Sweet to Stunning

Who doesn’t love some chubby cheeks to smoosh, smooch, and pinch? Although adorable, they may not make us feel hot or alluring.The power of transformative makeup can make all the difference.

A light foundation and strong contouring line blended to perfection transformed this woman from “wanting to cuddle” to “slaying at the club.”

Crimson Countess

Changing our hair, even just a little bit, can make a world of difference in how we feel and how others perceive us. That’s why the difference between these two photos is so striking. Getting her hair and eyebrows done in the same dazzling crimson shade was the right choice to bring out this lady’s mesmerizing made-up eyes.

Although we love her glasses, she looks like a completely different person without them.


We’ve expressed our admiration for the transformation from a masculine to a feminine appearance before, but this poster’s sassy attitude takes it to a whole new level. This queen effortlessly rocks both short and long, luscious locks with absolute confidence. Her ability to exude charm and charisma in both hairstyles is truly impressive and captivating. It’s a testament to her versatility and flexibility, making her a role model for embracing one’s individuality and uniqueness.

What sets this queen apart for us is her keen sense of what colors suit her best. The light lilac top she wears is simply breathtaking and captures our hearts instantly. She takes accessorizing to the next level by complementing the top with dramatic earrings, showcasing her impeccable taste and eye for fashion. This queen’s ability to accentuate her natural beauty with well-chosen colors and accessories is truly impressive and elevates her fashion game to a whole new level.

Bless That Blush

We cannot help but express our amazement once again! The way a smart application of makeup, a well-styled hairstyle, and a flattering camera angle can transform one’s appearance is truly remarkable. This poster is a perfect example of how a few simple changes can make a significant impact, and it’s hard not to be impressed by the stunning result. This poster’s transformation is so impressive that it inspires us to share this message with everyone, and we feel like shouting it from the rooftops.

The lighter hair color, expertly-drawn eyebrows, and the illusion of plumper lips created by that stunning lipstick (we definitely want to know the name of that shade) all work together to create a truly enchanting transformation. The woman on the left is already lovely, but the woman on the right looks like a captivating princess with her flawless makeup and hairstyle. The attention to detail and the skillful execution of the makeup and hair styling truly enhance her natural beauty, and the result is nothing short of stunning.

Faith, Trust, and a Bit of Pixie Dust

As kids watching Disney movies, many of us yearned to resemble a fairy or princess. However, for most of us, the necessary skills to effect such a transformation are elusive. In contrast, a particular poster has demonstrated an aptitude for such makeup artistry.

She has shared an intimate, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the prosthetic silicone application that alters the shape of her nose, from broad and flat to narrow and straight. The unique makeup she has applied to her eyes further enhances her appearance, making her look like a fantastical creature.

May the Brow Be With You

The talent some individuals possess for creating incredible optical illusions with seemingly little effort is awe-inspiring. One such example is a social media user who has completely fooled us with her makeup application.

Despite its simplicity, subtle variations in her angles, flawless eyeshadow, and brow pencil execution make it difficult to recognize the same girl on the left.

That’s One Way of Sculpting

When referencing sculpting in makeup looks, we generally mean using contour and highlighter to create depth in areas where little or none existed. However, this woman has different ideas.

She has utilized a sculpt-a-mold-like substance (a clay-like paste that hardens into plaster) to create a pointed chin and restructure her nose into a straight line.

Sassy That Walk

A change of wardrobe from a casual t-shirt to a gorgeous dress, along with fluffy hair, can bolster one’s confidence significantly. This drag queen’s sassy demeanor in front of the camera adds to the overall transformation.

Although we typically frown upon the dreaded duck face, we can make an exception for this look, as she is just too cute and cool to mock!

Woke Up Like This

As much as we would like to present ourselves as flawless, impeccable women upon waking, it is sadly not the case. We all tend to look like the sweet girl on the left, with our hair tied up and blemishes showing.

The fabulous woman on the right, on the other hand, appears as if she has mastered life. While we know it’s merely an illusion, we can’t help but wish to emulate her.

That’s Some Serious Blending

Did you know that in ancient times, being pale was considered the most attractive complexion because it suggested you didn’t work outdoors in the scorching sun? However, today, with most people staying indoors, tanned skin has become a symbol of affluence, indicating that one has the time and money to go on vacation.

This woman has found a way to have the best of both worlds; she’s naturally very pale, but when she desires a tanned appearance, she uses her magical makeup and blends it seamlessly.

Sell That Sunset

We can’t stress enough how much we adore ombre makeup looks, and the one this queen has created on her eyes is breathtaking. It makes us feel as though we’re gazing at a warm, tropical sunset on an exotic beach.

She has complemented it perfectly with her wig and dress design, and it’s hard to believe that only moments ago, she was a cute guy in a nerdy t-shirt. Their styles couldn’t be more different.

It’s All About Perspective… of the Camera

Transformations like these often receive negative feedback from social media followers. One commenter accused the poster of lying, claiming that the two photos couldn’t possibly be of the same person.

However, despite their stark differences, we can confirm that the photos do indeed feature the same individual. It’s incredible how much a change in lighting and camera angle can affect one’s appearance.


Makeup is a great way to experiment with different styles and find the look that makes us feel most confident. Some styles can even transform us into a completely different person.

For example, a tired housewife can become an edgy punk with just the right application of eyeliner and brow shaping.

Jessica Rabbit Vibes

Jessica Rabbit from Disney’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit is widely regarded as the most alluring cartoon character ever drawn.

The woman on the right, with her curled hair and cherry-red lips, bears a striking resemblance to the animated character. In comparison, the woman on the left looks less glamorous, but still quite beautiful.

Big Anime Eyes

Anime characters are known for their small features, except for their large eyes, which convey emotion more effectively.

One TikToker managed to capture this style perfectly in her transformation, completely changing her appearance from a human girl to an anime main character.

The Supermodel Treatment

Watching a movie makeover scene is fun, but witnessing a real-life transformation is even more exciting. With the clever use of bronzer and blush, a plain jane has been transformed into a mesmerizing supermodel.

It’s amazing how just a few simple tweaks can create such a dramatic change.

Cleopatra’s Got Competition

Cleopatra, known for her beauty and cunning, now has some competition. The woman on the right, with her “Cleopatra hairstyle,” is giving her a run for her money.

This woman expertly enhances her natural features, making herself almost unrecognizable. Her use of blush and contour creates dramatic cheekbones that put Cleopatra to shame.

Lashes Are the Curtains of the Soul

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and your eyelashes are their curtains. This woman understands this, and she ensures her lashes are unforgettable.

Despite having light-colored, short lashes, she creates a dramatic look with mascara and possibly false lashes. She looks nothing like her natural self.

Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

A smile is a woman’s best accessory, and this lady loves to smile. Despite a condition that left her without a full set of teeth, she transforms when she wears dentures and flaunts her radiant smile.

She expertly applies eyeshadow and draws beautiful eyebrows, becoming a master of transformation.


A good bronzer and blending brush can work wonders. This lady clearly knows this, as she expertly uses these tools to transform herself.

She wears spiky lashes, super plum dusty pink lips, a chunky chain, and dramatic brows, slaying her new look. Her natural, toothy smile is still our favorite.

We Swear It’s the Same Person!

Some of these makeovers are pure magic. This woman’s transformation is no exception. She somehow changes every aspect of her face, even her wide nose to a straight one.

It’s hard to believe it’s the same person, but that’s the beauty of these makeovers.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

Although societal constraints and beauty norms are a weighty topic, injecting some honesty and humor can lighten the mood. This sentiment is shared by a beauty influencer on Instagram.

The beauty influencer posted a reel showcasing her makeup transformations from before to after, accompanied by a refreshingly honest caption that read, “I adore catfishing!” Her confident smile and lighthearted approach to the matter demonstrate how enjoyable these alterations can be.

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