What Businesses Is Andrew and Tristan Tate Involved in? (2023 List)

What Businesses Is Andrew and Tristan Tate Involved in?

Andrew Tate also known as Top G, Cobratate, and Mr. Plenty, is a successful British-American Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Former kickboxer. We already wrote about his net worth and success story in this article Andrew Tate’s Net Worth. We also wrote about his brother Tristan Tate’s Net Worth.

Andrew and his brother Tristan are involved in many businesses, some businesses are known by the general public and some are not. We have invested many hours in research to find as much as possible about the Tate brothers’ businesses and how they make their money.

Andrew and Tristan Tate businesses List

In this article, you will know everything you need to know about the businesses that Andrew and Tristan Tate are involved in.


The Tate brothers’ first money was made by fighting Trisan became a European kickboxing champion while Andrew became a four-time world champion. Andrew’s biggest check made from fighting was 100 thousand dollars.

The money was split 20% to the coach and another 10% in other fees then he took the rest. Andrew often said that the money he made from fighting wasn’t enough for him to pay the bills while living in London, but the relationship he made from it helped him start other businesses that we will speak about later.

RXF MMA Promotion

Andrew tate RXF MMA Promotion

Andrew Tate owns 10% of the XFX (Real Xtreme Fighting) which is a Romanian mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion company based in Brașov, Romania. It is like The Romanian version of the UFC.

Crypto Currency

andrew tate cryptocurrency

Tristan said in an interview with Richard Cooper that he started buying cryptocurrency with Andrew when it was worth $3000. Cryptocurrency makes half of the Tate brothers’ net worth.

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Webcam Business

Andrew Tate Webcam Business

Tate brothers started a webcam business in 2015, with his four girlfriends. They started living in his apartment learning how to manage and talk with their customers. With his four girlfriends, he started making up to 4 thousand dollars a day.

They started hiring other girls making more money, they said that they make on average 300 thousand dollars a month. Their webcam studio became one of the largest in Europe.

OnlyFans Agency

The Tate brothers run an OnlyFans agency responsible for helping the models make more money by helping in texting, marketing, script, and time management in return the agency takes 50% of the revenue.

Tristan said that some of the girls’ accounts they manage make up to 50 thousand dollars a month the agency manages tens of girls which means that the OnlyFans agency makes millions of dollars a month.

Casino Business

Andrew Tate Casino Business

The Tate brothers own a casino in Romania. Andrew was always interested in the casino business, when he was broke he went to casinos all the time hoping that one day he would go back home with a lot of money but it never happened.

One day he made an agreement with an owner of a casino brand in western Europe to open a franchise in Bucharest, Romania. The Tate brothers make millions of dollars a month from it. 

The casino business would never be possible to own without the connections that Andrew made while fighting.

Hustle University

How Does Andrew Tate Make $4 Million a Month From Hustle University 2.0

Hustle University is an online platform where the Tate brothers and their war room members teach their students how to make money only with 18 different modern wealth creation methods.

As of June 2022, Hustle University has more than 64 thousand students that are paying a monthly subscription that cost $49. This means that the Tate brothers make more than 3 Million dollars a month.

The War Room

Andrew Tate War Room

The war room for Andrew and Tristan is more than a Business the War Room is a social network that helps everybody on it not only make money but to have the connection that will help him achieve his goals wherever he wants.


The Businesses Is Andrew and Tristan Tate Involved in are:

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