11 Inspirational Elena Cardone Quotes

Elena Cardone is a succssuful actress and business women, she is also the wife of the sales and real estate beast Grant Cardone.

1. Be tough enough to take a hit and strong enough to believe a blow.


2. The one item you must wear no matter what the season is your purpose

3. Only you can create an empire worthy of admiration and respect.

4. Normal doesn’t get you empires.

5. A queen knows what else she wants, and goes for it without apology.


6. Your purpose is gonna hold you accountable.

7. If you think you can build an empire, you must.

8. Once I commit I’d rather die fighting than quit.

9. You were built to play at lower levels.

10. True Partners make life easier.

11. Don’t take your relationship for granted.


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