Grant Cardone Net Worth

Grant Cardone is a marketing and sales beast that turn his drug addiction and sales hate to a successful career that made him a net worth over $800 million and a real estate empire that worth over $1.8 billion.

Grant Cardone Net Worth
Net Worth:$800 Million
Born:March 21, 1958
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Entrepreneur
Last Updated:2023


Grant Cardone is the number one international sales expert, giant real estate investor, public speaker, and entrepreneur with a net worth of more than $800 million. He also owns a real estate empire that is worth over $1.8 billion.

Grant Cardone was listed number one of 25 Marketing Influencers To Watch In 2017 by Forbes, Richtopia listed him as number seven of 500 most influential CEOs in the world.

Grant is a bestselling author by the New York Times with his 8 books (Check out the summary of Grant Cardone books). Grant also has the CEO position in seven companies and runs a teaching and training program on his platform “Cardone University“.


  • Grant Cardone is worth $1.8 Billion from real estate.
  • Grant Cardone Companies net worth is $2.5 billion.
  • Grant & Elena Cardone married On July 4, 2004.
  • Grant Cardone appeared in many tv interviews
  • Grant Cardone is the organized and owner of 10X growth conference.

Grant Cardone’s Net Worth and Success Story (2023 Update)

Early Life

grant cardone early life

Grant Cardone was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana on March 21, 1958. He was the fourth of five children, with a twin brother named Gary of Curtis Louis Cardone and Concetta Neil Cardone.

After the death of Grant’s father, he saw his mother go from a moment of grief to massive fear, because she didn’t know how to make money to take care of her 5 kids.

Grant spent his adulthood in a poor and dangerous neighborhood. One day Grant got hit multiple times by someone on his head with a pistol, causing him to blackout. All that happened just because he commented to the person who hit him and he didn’t like it.

The path to success wasn’t easy for Grant, at 25 years old after graduating from LaGrange High School in Lake Charles in 1976 he was drug-addicted, jobless and he was living in a dangerous neighborhood. Grant started wondering how to change his life for the better.


Grant found a sales job in a car dealership even at this time he hated sales and committed to throwing himself into it so he can be busy and stop thinking about drugs.

Grant Cardone Real Estate Net Worth

grant cardone real estate net worth

At the age of 29 Grant bought his first property a single-family home and started his real estate empire, unfortunately, the property failed after a few months then he sold it.

Five years later he bought his second property, a multi-family complex in San Diego then a month later he bought another one. Grant uses the rent income from his properties to buy other properties. Today he owns over 4,500 properties in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Grant is the owner of Cardone Capital it is one of the largest private real estate funds in the United Estate the company owns almost $1.8 billion in assets under management.

On May 18, 2018, Grant Cardone published his book “How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate” where he explains the best way to invest in real estate and how to avoid some of the mistakes he made when he first started.

Grant also teaches people how to invest in real estate, how to find the right units to buy, how to negotiate the price, and much more helpful advice in his Youtube channel, where he films himself going around searching for real estate opportunities.

Grant Cardone Companies Net Worth

Grant cardone companies

Grant Cardone is now the owner of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital, Cardone Group, and 14 other companies, all of them multi-million-dollar companies whose grants started from zero. Grant Cardone Companies Net Worth is $2.5 billion.

Cardone University is a sales training program owned by Grant, the program has helped thousands of companies to increase their sales. Grant also does public speaking and he has his own Conference, the 10X Growth Conference that helps CEOs, leaders, salesmen, managers, and entrepreneurs 10X their lives and their businesses.

Grant is a sales expert with years of cold calling, negotiation, and persuasion experience, in 2011 he wrote his book “SELL OR BE SOLD” Where he explains to people the importance of selling not just goods or services but the ability to sell your beliefs, ideas, and dreams to others.

Grant Cardone Turnaround King Reality Show

grant-cardone net worth turnaround king

in 2011 Grant Cardone helped National Geographic to produce the reality series Turnaround King, a series that helps business owners to avoid bankruptcy and survive.

Grant Cardone started his coaching by going undercover as if he is a customer with a hidden camera so he can figure out why the dealership is not selling. When Grant came to visit the dealership right away he spotted multiple mistakes.

The first one was that the manager did not approach him when he was searching for a car, Two when he met the sales manager he wasn’t asking the right questions and not trying to “be an aggressive seller” like Grant said.

Grant took a test drive with the sales manager. He told Grant that they will go out of business in a few months, Grant was shocked and said that “he should not tell his customer that”.

The next day Grant visited the business owner to find out exactly why the dealership team was not motivated to work. The brother that owns the family company thinks that the team is good and loyal but Grant shows them the opposite.

Grant began the process of solving the business mistakes by asking the team to fix the website so they can advertise for free using technology, putting the cars in order and leaving the doors open, and asking the right question to potential customers.

Grant also recommended the owners to take tough decisions like firing some lazy people and putting a lot of stress on them so they will work hard to help the dealership survive.

After a few day’s grants and the dealership team changed all the dealership’s appearance they made it look ready for customers, the grant strategy was successful and the dealership sales increased.

Grant Cardone The G&E Show

In 2016 Grant Cardone and his wife Elena Cardone start producing a web series called “The G&E Show” the G stands for Greatness and E for Excellence, Where they tackle the subject of how to balance your business, marriage, and family life and 10x them all.

The show also talked about many topics like “being yourself”, why people don’t like you”, “how to manage time”, “how men should treat their woman”, “getting through tough times” and many other topics. You can learn more about the show by clicking here.

Grant Cardone Undercover Billionaire

grant cardone undercover billionaire

In 2021 Grant Cardone participated in the undercover billionaire show where he had $100 in his pocket, an old truck, and a cell phone without contacts. After 90 days the business that they built will be evaluated to see if it is worth $1 million or not.

Grant uses the business strategies that made him a successful businessman, to start from zero and make a business that is worth $1 Million or more.

Grant played the role of “Louis Curtis” who is willing to prove that the American dream still exists. The adventure wasn’t easy for Grant because he can’t use his name or contacts, this was not easy for a grant.

But after the hard work and commitment, Grant built 2 businesses, a promotion company and a real estate deal, the two of them worth around $5.5 million.

Personal Life

Grant and Elena’s love story is an interesting part of grant life, they meet in a commercial that Elena was doing in downtown Los Angeles, grant knew the director so he took her number from him then he called he, they had a conversation but Elena didn’t care much about him so she hangout the phone.

Grant started called her twice a month every month for thirteen months she never answered. Grant became a friend to her friends so he can be close to her. One day Grant leaves a message on her answering machine saying that he rented the entire shooting range if she is interested in shooting with him, Elena accepts the offer.

Elena says that was a confident man. He never invaded her personal space or tried to kiss her, for her grant was the kind of man that knew that he would get what he wanted.
Then they started dating. Elena remembered that one day at dinner she said to Grant that “You want to make me fall in love with you”. Grant said to her “YES”.

On July 4, 2004, Elena Lyons and Grant Cardone married. Today Grant and Elena Cardone have two daughters, Scarlett and Sabrina. Grant is loved by his family, Elena says that he is a great husband and the two girls say that he is the best father.

He spends a lot of time with his family, in 2015 grant bought a Gulfstream G200 private jet for Gulfstream G200 for $8 million just so he can take his family with him when he needs to travel.

grant cardone private jet


Favorite Quotes

  • Every adventure will contain experiences you would never want.
  • Most opportunities are disguised as problems.
  • Just because most don’t make it doesn’t mean you can’t.
  • Have goals so big your problems pale in comparison.
  • Never fear the haters. You can’t reach your potential without them.
  • The ambitious are criticized by those that have given up. 
  • Money is useless until it is used.


Grant Cardone is a marketing and sales beast that turned his drug addiction and sales hate into a successful career that made him a net worth of over $800 million and a real estate empire worth over $1.8 billion. Grant Cardone’s Net Worth is $800 million.

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