Paul Oakenfold Net Worth

Paul Oakenfold is an English record producer and trance DJ who has a net worth of $50 million. He has achieved great success in his career, with over 100 remixes for artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Moby, and the...

Paul Oakenfold Net Worth
Net Worth:$50.0 Million
Born:Aug 30, 1963
Height:1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Country of Origin:England
Source of Wealth:Actor, Disc jockey, Record producer, Chef, Film Score Composer, Remixer
Last Updated:2023

What is Paul Oakenfold’s Net Worth?

Paul Oakenfold is an English record producer and trance DJ who has a net worth of $50 million. He has achieved great success in his career, with over 100 remixes for artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, U2, Moby, and the Rolling Stones. Oakenfold has won multiple Grammy Awards for his work and was voted the number-one DJ in the world twice by DJ Magazine.

He has also released several studio albums and created soundtracks for various films and television shows.

Paul Oakenfold’s Net Worth, Career, and Success Story (2023 Update)

None(2023 Update)

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Paul Oakenfold was born on August 30, 1963, in London, England. He grew up in Highbury and Greenhithe before moving to Croydon, where he attended Archbishop Lanfranc School. After completing his education, Oakenfold studied to become a chef and worked at the Army and Navy Club.

In the late 70s, Oakenfold’s musical career began as he started assisting Trevor Fung in DJing soul music at a wine bar. In 1981, he and his friend Ian Paul moved to New York City, where Oakenfold worked as a courier. During this time, he developed a passion for dance clubs and even used fake identification to gain entry.

Oakenfold’s talent and connections led him to become an A&R man for Champion Records, signing artists such as Salt-N-Pepa and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. He also ventured into television, appearing on the BBC children’s program “Blue Peter” and working as a promoter and agent for Run-D.M.C.

and the Beastie Boys.

Rise to Fame

Oakenfold’s breakthrough to mainstream success came in 1987 when he organized an acid house-style party at the Heaven club in Charing Cross. These events became immensely popular, attracting over 1,500 people on Monday nights. Inspired to create a platform for artists to build their careers, Oakenfold founded Perfecto Records in 1989.

Over the next few years, Oakenfold’s fame continued to grow. In 1990, he collaborated with Andrew Weatherall, Steve Osborne, and Terry Farley on remixes and a cover song for the rock band Happy Mondays. The resulting album, “Pill ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches,” reached number one on the UK charts and earned Oakenfold and Osborne a Brit Award for Best Producer.

Further Successes

Oakenfold’s success as a producer and DJ continued throughout the 90s and 00s. He created hit remixes for artists such as U2, the Rolling Stones, and Duran Duran. In 1997, he began collaborating with the record label Global Underground and released popular DJ mix albums.

Oakenfold was voted the top DJ in the world by DJ Magazine in 1998 and 1999 and became a resident DJ at the Cream club in Liverpool.

Following his European success, Oakenfold moved to the United States, where he played to massive crowds and worked on movie soundtracks. He released several studio albums, including “Bunkka” and “Trance Mission.” Oakenfold’s remixes for artists like Madonna and Britney Spears further solidified his reputation as a talented producer.

Personal Life

None(2023 Update)

Paul Oakenfold has had a colorful personal life, filled with exciting experiences and collaborations. He has worked with renowned artists, including U2, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, and has toured the world as a DJ. Oakenfold has also been involved in philanthropic activities, supporting causes such as cancer research and children’s charities.


Paul Oakenfold is a highly successful English record producer and trance DJ with a net worth of $50 million. He has achieved great fame and recognition for his remixes, studio albums, and DJ performances. Oakenfold’s contributions to the music industry have earned him multiple Grammy Awards and the title of the number-one DJ in the world.

He continues to be a prominent figure in the electronic music scene, captivating audiences with his unique sound and talent.

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