Sofia Vergara Net Worth

Sofia Vergara, a Colombian-born actress, model, and spokeswoman, has a net worth of $180 million. She has achieved immense success and fame throughout her career, earning a significant income from various sources.Sofía Vergar...

Sofia Vergara Net Worth
Net Worth:$180.0 Million
Born:Jul 10, 1972
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.7 m)
Country of Origin:Colombia
Source of Wealth:Actor, Model, Comedian, Presenter, Voice Actor, Television producer
Last Updated:2023

What is Sofia Vergara’s net worth, salary, and career earnings?

Sofia Vergara, a Colombian-born actress, model, and spokeswoman, has a net worth of $180 million. She has achieved immense success and fame throughout her career, earning a significant income from various sources.

Sofía Vergara’s journey towards fame began as a teenager when her striking looks caught the attention of modeling and television opportunities. At the age of 17, she appeared in a Pepsi commercial that was broadcasted across Latin America, marking her first significant exposure on television.

After gaining recognition through modeling assignments and hosting gigs on Spanish-language TV networks, Vergara made a decisive leap into acting. Her breakthrough role came in 2009 when she was cast as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the critically acclaimed ABC sitcom “Modern Family.” Her portrayal of a feisty, loving, and amusing Colombian immigrant captivated audiences worldwide, earning her four Primetime Emmy and four Golden Globe nominations.

Thanks to lucrative endorsement deals and acting paychecks, Sofia Vergara is frequently one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. Her success in television has also translated into the world of film, where she has booked prominent roles in major motion pictures.

Additionally, she earns a considerable income through brand endorsements and appearances in commercials. She has also earned $10 million per year as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.”

Aside from her acting career, Sofia Vergara has also built a retail empire, including a line of jeans sold exclusively at Walmart, a line of furniture, and several perfumes.

In a typical recent year, Sofia has earned $40 – $50 million from all her endeavors.

Sofia Vergara’s Net Worth, Career, and Success Story (2023 Update)

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Early Life

Sofia Vergara was born on July 10, 1972, in Barranquilla, Colombia. She grew up in a rural area, and her parents were a rancher and a homemaker. Despite her humble beginnings, Sofia’s striking looks and talent eventually led her to a career in show business.

As a child, Sofia attended a private bilingual Spanish/English school and later studied dentistry for three years. However, she had a change of heart and decided to pursue a career in show business instead. This decision proved to be a wise one, as it set her on a path to success and fame.

Early Modeling Career

While walking along a Colombian beach, Sofia Vergara was approached by a photographer who recognized her potential. She was quickly offered work in television and fashion, which she initially hesitated to accept. However, she eventually agreed and embarked on her modeling career.

Her first major breakthrough came when she booked a Pepsi commercial at the age of 17, gaining significant exposure in the Latin American market. She continued to accept modeling and acting work, eventually moving to the United States to further her career in the entertainment industry.

Early Acting Career

Sofia Vergara initially found success in Spanish-speaking soap operas and television shows on Univision. By the mid-1990s, she was hosting major television shows and establishing herself as a TV personality. She also started taking on English-speaking acting roles, gaining attention for her comedic talent in the 1995 American Comedy Awards.


In the 2000s, Sofia Vergara began to make a name for herself in Hollywood. She landed roles in films such as “Big Trouble” in 2002 and “Chasing Papi” in 2003. Director Tyler Perry recognized her potential and cast her in films like “Meet the Browns” and “Madea Goes to Jail.” She also made her Broadway stage debut during this time.

Modern Family

Although Sofia Vergara had already established herself in the film industry, her career reached new heights when she landed a leading role in the hit show “Modern Family.” The critically acclaimed sitcom ran for over ten seasons, gaining worldwide popularity since its debut in 2009.

The series ended in 2020, solidifying Sofia’s status as one of the most beloved and successful actresses in television.

Modern Family Salary and Earnings

Throughout the seasons of “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara’s salary increased significantly. In the first three seasons, she earned $30,000 per episode, totaling approximately $2.6 million. For seasons four and five, her earnings increased to $90,000 per episode, reaching a total of around $5 million.

From 2014 to 2018, she earned $190,000 per episode, amounting to approximately $4 million per season. Starting in 2018, her salary was boosted to $500,000 per episode, resulting in around $10 million per season.

Further Acting Work

Outside of “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara has been actively involved in other projects. She has lent her voice to animated films such as “The Smurfs,” “Happy Feet Two,” and “The Emoji Movie.” She has also appeared in live-action films like “Chef” in 2014.

In 2015, she starred alongside Reese Witherspoon in the film “Hot Pursuit.”


For her outstanding performance in “Modern Family,” Sofia Vergara has been nominated for several awards. She received four Primetime Emmy nominations and four Golden Globe nominations for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett.

Career Earnings and Endorsements

The majority of Sofia Vergara’s wealth comes from her television work, particularly from her role in “Modern Family.” In 2012, she was the highest-earning actress on television, earning $19 million. She reclaimed the title of the top-earning actress on television in 2013, with earnings exceeding $35 million.

In 2015, she earned $28.5 million, and in 2016, she topped the list once again, bringing in $43 million. Between June 2017 and June 2020, she earned $40-43 million from her Modern Family salary and various brand endorsements.

Aside from her acting career, Sofia Vergara has ventured into business. In 2011, she launched her own clothing line through Kmart, targeting middle-aged women. She also launched her own jewelry collection and fragrance line in 2014.

Personal Life

None(2023 Update)

Sofia Vergara has had a colorful personal life. She was married to her high school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez, at the age of 18, and they had a son together. However, their marriage ended in divorce after one year.

In 2010, Vergara began dating Nick Loeb, and they became engaged in 2012. However, the couple called off their engagement after two years.

In 2014, Sofia Vergara started dating actor Joe Manganiello, and they got engaged after six months of dating. They tied the knot in 2015 but unfortunately separated in mid-2023.

Real Estate

Sofia Vergara has invested in luxurious real estate properties. In 2014, she purchased a large home in Beverly Hills, California, for $10.6 million. In 2022, she and Joe Manganiello listed the property for sale at $19.6 million. The house features an 11,000 square-foot space, a pool, a gym, a spa, and a movie theater.

In June 2020, Sofia and Joe purchased an incredible mansion in the gated community of Beverly Park in Beverly Hills for $26 million. The house was previously owned by baseball legend Barry Bonds and was sold for $22 million to a Russian billionaire.

Other Endorsement Deals

Sofia Vergara has been involved in numerous endorsement deals throughout her career. She has worked with brands such as CoverGirl, Kmart, State Farm, Comcast Xfinity, Diet Pepsi, Rooms to Go, Synthroid, AT&T, and Head & Shoulders. These endorsement deals have contributed significantly to her overall net worth.

Other Notable Film Salaries

Aside from her television and endorsement earnings, Sofia Vergara has also earned substantial salaries from her film roles. Some notable films and the corresponding salaries include:


Sofia Vergara’s net worth is approximately $180 million as of November 2023. She has achieved immense success as an actress, model, and businesswoman. Her role in “Modern Family” catapulted her to international fame and made her one of the highest-paid actresses on television.

In addition to her acting career, she has ventured into various business endeavors, including her own clothing line and jewelry collection. Sofia Vergara’s journey from a small-town girl in Colombia to a global icon is a testament to her talent, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit.

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