Before You Buy Andrew Tate’s $8 Advice Offer (My Honest Review)

After I paid $8 for a consultation offered by Andrew Tate. This is my review. Not what i was expecting.

Before You Buy Andrew Tate’s $8 Advice Offer (My Honest Review)

Last week I got an email from Andrew Tate with the subject “I know why you aren’t exceptional yet”. Where he explains how he went from broke to rich and why the others cannot do it.

 At the bottom of it, Andrew offers you “a way out from poverty” as he said. An $8 for a 10-minute chat conversation that will transform your life. (This is what he said) 

So I paid for the offer and tried to see if what he was saying was true.

If you want a quick answer, let me tell you that as a professional who’s been working online for years, this 10-minute chat discussion was a waste of my time. But it may help you if you are a beginner who doesn’t know where to start

Continue reading because I will share with you the screenshot of the conversation.

This is the Andrew Tate’s $8 Advice Offer email I’ve received:

I clicked the offer link and it took me to a landing page where Andrew spoke as if all your problems will be fixed after buying his consultation. 

In the video, Andrew says that he was getting a lot of emails containing his fans’ problems and he tries so hard to solve them. Now he has gathered a team that will help you fix all your problems.

This is the link for the landing page: 

It’s so Compelling, isn’t it? Ok, let us see what you will get in the discussion.

After I paid, I got a confirmation email from Calendly and waited until the day came.

I inserted my name and email and I waited for the discussion to start.

I was talking about his website and that right now my goal is to get 100 thousand visitors a month in the next couple of months. 

The revenue I shared is not the exact one I just wanted to see what this professional Andrew said will answer me.

In the chat, you will see that I’ve made some writing mistakes because I was busy with other things.

Andrew Tate’s $8 Advice Offer Chat Screenshots:

As you have seen in the screenshot. I know what I want so he didn’t need to tell me anything more. But the consultant didn’t say anything special that will help me take my business to the next level or to CHANGE MY LIFE.

But let me be more neutral, for someone who is a beginner this conversation will definitely help him. But if you know what you want and you are already doing well as me.

I suggest that you ask someone who is a leader in your industry for advice. Not anyone else.

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