30 Life Changing Lessons to Learn From Patrick Bet-David

30 Life Changing Lessons to Learn From Patrick Bet-David


Patrick Bet-David is a successful Iranian-American entrepreneur, businessman, and insurance agent. He shares many valuable lessons in his Youtube channel Valuetainment that target men and women who are looking to change their life for good.

30 Life Changing Lessons to Learn From Patrick Bet-David in all Fields

1. Know the Difference Between Love and Lust

There is a big difference between Love and Lust. For young men, who think that having a good time or good sex with someone means love, no Patrick says that you must know the difference between a good time with someone and the idea of marrying him because they are completely different.

2. It’s Okay to Go to the Movies by Yourself

Being alone sometimes makes you organize your own thoughts and think for yourself. This will help you improve your life and find solutions to many problems you may be facing.  

3. Hygiene is More Important Than You Think

Patrick always says that young men need to take their hygiene seriously. You should take time to have a good shower, brush your teeth regularly and shave the right way. Good hygiene will make a good first impression which will attract quality people into your life and will make you succeed.

4. Never Date a Friend’s Ex

Never ever date a friend’s ex even if she made the first step and started talking to you. She will try to manipulate you so you will start a relationship with her. If your friend finds it out and they will, your friendship with them will be destroyed, no one will trust you anymore and you will be kicked out of your friends’ group.

5. Stay Informed on What’s Going on. Don’t Be a Sheep

Every young man should learn and see what is happening in the world and form his own opinions and not follow others.

6. Have a Sense of Humor but Don’t Joke About Dreams and Goals

Patrick said that it is a good thing to have a sense of humor but don’t joke or let anybody joke about your dreams and goals. This topic must be serious to you and your surrender.

7. Study the Type of People Who Upset You and Why

If someone you know makes you uncomfortable you should give yourself time to understand why you feel this way. By doing this you will learn more about yourself and you will be pickier when letting someone into your life.

8. Stand Up to Bullies. You’ll Only Have to Do It Once

in your entire life you will only need to fight with a small number of people, but you should do it to make everybody respect you. This doesn’t mean your thoughts, it only to lets others know that you stand for yourself.

9. Don’t Bully People Weaker Than You

Even if you have more power, more money, more influence, you lift more weight, you should never bully people weaker than you, it is not a leadership characteristic.

10. Learn How to Tell Stories

In the world of business and life, the best way to make a point is by telling a story that catches people’s attention and convinces them. There are a lot of books that can help you do that such as “How to Tell a Story”, “How Highly Effective People Speak”, and “How to Tell a Really Good Story about Absolutely Anything in 4 Easy Steps”.

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11. Don’t Lean on Porn to Be Better in Bed. Read the Right Books

Patrick said that in his time during the military everybody was addicted to porn. Porn is not the right place to learn how to be good at bed. By learning from the right books you will make yourself better. Here are some books that we recommend according to customer reviews: “How to Impress a Girl in Bed”, and “How to be good at sex”.

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12. You Never Marry a Girl. You Marry Her Entire Family

Before you marry any woman you should first see if you like her family because marriage is not only two people who love each other but a marriage between two families. If any problem happens in the future your wife will call her family and either they will defend you or defend her. So make sure that you and her family get together.

13. Don’t Complain – You Seem Helpless

It is an unattractive quality to complain to people as a man you will look like a loser. Take responsibility for your life and never complain to others. Keep your problems to yourself.

14. Be Impressed by the Right Things. Things That Matter

Many people are impressed by the wrong things like nice jewelry, cars, and outfits. Patrick likes those things too but he is more impressed by leaders who convince people to work for them for decades, the fathers that made their kids love them so much, and people that are disciplined and know what they want. Thinking like that will serve you in many different aspects.

15. When You Come Across a Successful Person Don’t Talk, Ask.

If you have the chance to speak to a successful person don’t speak a lot because you know what you know but you don’t know what he knows so ask questions and share with him some of your business problems to get his help and experience.

16. Have a Memorable Style

If you wear an accessory that you like, for example, a hat, a pair of glasses, or anything that makes you stand out and be more memorable, do it.

17. Don’t Feel Guilty for Benign Ambitious

A lot of people enjoy it when they speak about their dreams to their friends or family, you should know that you are the only one who really cares about your dream, no one else. So don’t feel guilty, be proud of your ambition, and don’t apologize.

18. Be Mentally and Emotionally Ready to Lose Loved Ones

If you have a parent that you love a friend or maybe kids that you genuinely love remember one day they may pass away before you do. Be ready to lose them and don’t be emotional about it. This is life and you should be strong.

19. Always Have Some Cash, Condoms, and a Power Bank

Cash because things will come up, condoms to not make a mistake, and a power bank you may need or someone will.

20. Be Aware of Your Level of Sensitivity

Every time you feel angry you should think about it and know how to handle it. Don’t be emotional in your actions every time something makes you angry.

21. Regardless of What You Get Paid Per Hour, Give Your Best. Effort + Attitude Matters

This lesson is clear, give your best and work hard regardless of how much they pay you. By doing this opportunities will show up and you will get many promotions.

22. Don’t Buy Into Your Own Hype

A lot of people made a lot of money in 2021 in real estate, NFT, and crypto. Those people start thinking that they are smarter than others but when the market collapses they lose a lot of money too. We all should judge ourselves based on whether we win in a great market or a bad market.

23. The Shortfalls of Zoom

Zoom is a good temporary solution to talk business or to have a discussion, but it is not good to build company culture or to use for a date. There is a power in eyeball to eyeball and a handshake.

24. Managing chaos

During the military, Patrick learned how to manage chaos, which is managing multiple bad things that happen simultaneously without freaking out or giving up. This lesson can also be applied in business and personal life.

25. Mission Driven

Entrepreneurship, life, and business are like a mission that you should complete without any second thought.

26. Learn How to Get Things Done With the Limited Resources

The majority of entrepreneurs that became successful didn’t start their businesses with a lot of money. All of them had to start their business from scratch with a small investment that they saved or got from a close person. So don’t make your low budget an excuse to not get started.

27. Learn How to Multi-task

A lot of time you must multi-task to succeed in your mission. Everybody says that multi-tasking is impossible, which isn’t true. During his time in the military, Patrick learned how to multi-task to succeed in his mission. When your business becomes large and starts making good money then you can hire people to help you with those tasks and focus on what matters the most.

28. People Perform Better Under Pressure

There are two kinds of people: the ones that perform better under pressure and others who fail under pressure, business, and life aren’t always comforting. You must act and perform better under the pressure.

29. Managing Risk

When it comes to risk management you always need to take the decision that will give you the most benefits and the lowest risk possible. Be rational while making any important decision.

30. Build a Thick Skin

Patrick’s experience in the military taught him to not be sensitive or emotional for any given reason.

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