Why is Zoo Culture Gym So Expensive? (The Real Reason)

Why is Zoo Culture Gym So Expensive? (The Real Reason)


Zoo Culture is a GYM located on Ventura Blvd, Encino, Los Angeles. The GYM is owned by fitness influencer Bradley Martyn. Many people ask why Zoo Culture gym is so expensive and we are here to give you the right answer.

While searching for an answer I came across a couple of blog posts saying that the reason why Zoo Culture is expensive is because of the cutting-edge equipment, highly trained staff, and other things that other gyms provide for less. 

In this short article, you will discover the real reason why Zoo Culture is expensive compared to the average cost of a gym subscription in the United States.

Zoo Culture is not expensive because of the latest equipment or special treatment from staff members or the positive vibes or how big the gym is. 

The real reason why Zoo Culture is expensive is that it is owned by Bradley Martyn, a popular fitness influencer and many people subscribe to his gym only to see their favorite influencer working out and talking or taking pictures with them

This is the main marketing strategy that Bradley built his gym on. 

Zoo Culture Gym Marketing Strategy

Bradley the owner of Zoo Culture gym built his gym brand reputation to be a gym for high-income earners and not everybody. He doesn’t want the general public to be there. This is the same strategy that many gyms and other companies use to get high-quality customers only.

He also has a good relationship with many influencers that came to train there for free, in exchange for giving some time to the gym subscribers if they want to speak or take a picture.

Why People Subscribe to Zoo Culture Gym

There is three types of people that subscribe to Zoo Culture gym:

  1. People that want to train a little bit and take pictures with their favorite influencers.
  2. People that are trying to connect with successful people for business purposes
  3. People that live close by and want to train and this type of people are the minority there.


Zoo Culture is an expensive gym compared to the average cost of other gyms in the US. The only difference between Zoo Culture and other gyms is the presence of so many fitness influencers that people want to see and train with.