The Truth: Is Andrew Tate Really a Human Trafficker?

The Truth: Is Andrew Tate Really a Human Trafficker?


I’m sure you have seen at least one Youtube short, Tiktok real, or tv news about a bold English-American funny and serious former kickboxing world champion and multi-millionaire playboy named Andrew Tate who is claimed to be misogynistic, hate speech promoter and dangerous.

Some people call him Morpheus the character from the matrix because they see him as a savior that came to save humanity from enslavement, others know him as the internet misogynistic, rapist, gangster, and human trafficker.

Check out this video, the people that are answering don’t even know what they are talking about.

Before the cancellation from social media, Uber, payment processors, Banks, and other services, Andrew Tate has become the most googled man on the planet according to google trends, outranking Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

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On December 29, 2022, Andrew and his brother Tristan Tate were arrested for the second time in Bucharest, Romania as part of a human trafficking investigation that started a year ago.

This arrest comes just a few hours after a debate between Andrew and the climate activist Greta Thunberg on Twitter. The debate was about Andrew’s cars and how they emit enormous emissions.

Of course, this is what the media said but let us see the real problem why Andrew Tate was arrested and what is the war that is currently happening between Andrew or free speech and what he called the matrix.

Before diving deep into the story let us know how Andrew Tate is. 

How Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a successful British-American Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Former kickboxer. He is a  four times kickboxing world champion, owns multiple casinos, runs a webcam business, and has a digital university named Hustle university 2.0. He also invests in cryptocurrency and other businesses.

Before he got famous Andrew used to play chess with his father Emory Andrew Tate Jr. After the divorce of his parents, Andrew moved to England and started kickboxing and became a four-time world champion.

He then started appearing in reality tv shows such as Big brother. Andrew started thinking about how he could become rich and stop the Rat race he was living in. He then started a webcam business that made him his first million dollars. Now Andrew is involved in many businesses as you can see in this article I wrote.

Let me tell you the truth about Andrew Tate’s early arrest.

Why Andrew Tate was Arrested

After the pandemic hit, Andrew Tate planned to become famous. He then started to upload videos about his opinion on multiple controversial subjects such as women, sex, what is the duty of a man, and how to handle life situations. Those topics speak to people’s emotions and get a lot of views.

Andrew rose to fame so quickly with his content that helped young men to work on themselves and improve their life. He also shares online the lavish lifestyle that makes people interested in and wants to learn more about him.

One of Andrew’s most watched videos is where he said that depression does not exist.

In one of his finest videos, he said that rich people only drink sparkling water.

The thing that is unique about Andrew Tate’s content is that he says the truth that any rational non-emotional person will agree on. You can go and watch his content and you will find it for yourself.

After launching his online university Hustle university 2.0. Andrew allows his followers to take short videos from his original ones and upload them online to bring more users and earn a commission on every sale.

This smart strategy helped Andrew to reach millions of people and gain more fame and influence. 

Then the Matrix attacked him. 

What Andrew means by the matrix is the Elite of the world that enslaves all the humans in the world, using money, technology, social media, law, and other techniques.

All of his online accounts on social media, payment gateway, banks, and other apps banned him.

A couple of months ago Andrew was arrested by Romanian authorities for the same charges, he then explained in an interview with Patrick-bet David that he was innocent and the arrest was based on a false accusation and what happened that night was a swatting.

This was his first arrest in Romania, the second one was on December 29, 2022, when the police arrested him again and put him in jail. This time a lot of people think that this is the end of Andrew Tate because he will be facing a judge in court and if those accusations were true he will go to jail for 20 years.

Andrew Tate knows that he will be arrested. In a video Andrew said that the matrix first will ban you then, they will try to get you to jail and if those attempts didn’t work effectively they will try to kill you.

The real reason why Andrew Tate was arrested and banned from the internet is that he gained massive influence that can help him influence young men to do multiple things for him including manipulating an election and helping anybody win it, and he can become a president if he wants to but let us keep this subject to another day.

This massive influence that Andrew reached scares the matrix and they started an invisible war against him in the media and in real life.

Check out this video it will help you learn the war that is currently fought between Andrew Tate and the matrix. 


I’m not here to defend Andrew Tate but I’m here, to tell the truth, and help you understand the invisible war that is currently happening in the media. There is a war on Free Speech check out this video to learn more about the War on Free Speech.

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