4 Tips to Become a Great Boxer From Andrew Tate

4 Tips to Become a Great Boxer From Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate also known as Cobratate and Kingcobra is a four-time kickboxing world champion he started kickboxing when he was 19 years old. In a video, he made Mike Thurston promise him that he will teach him how to be a good boxer in 10 minutes using those 4 tips.

The 4 Tips From Andrew Tate to Become a Great Boxer

1. Footwork

As a boxer, you should focus on footwork because like Andrew said punching power all came from the legs. He also said that Floyd Mayweather is a great boxer who doesn’t get hit often because he has good footwork.

2. Moving Don’t Just Block the Punch

Andrew said that people who don’t train in boxing think that only guarding your face will help you protect it, but this doesn’t work especially with someone who is big and can punch so hard.

So for defense Andrew suggests that you move and slip the punches even if you get hit don’t take the punch move with it to take the power away from it. 

3. The Jump Rope Boxer Skip

Andrew says that The Jump Rope Boxer Skip is one of the most important exercises that any beginner or novice should apply to his training routine to develop his footwork and stay bouncy in the fight.

Jump rope boxing also helps the fighter to build endurance, explosiveness, and rhythm.  

4. Hit With Your Knuckles Not Your Fingers

While throwing a punch a cross, hook, or uppercut you should always try to turn your hand to land the punch with your knuckles not the flat of your hand because it increases the punching power causing maximum damage to your adversary.

Andrew also gives a good example by saying that the bullet is not deadly because of the amount of pressure it has but because of such a small surface it has.

Andrew had also given Thurston other beginners tips that are easy to learn in any gym or online course, this is why I didn’t speak about them. If you are interested in learning boxing online in the shortest period of time and becoming a good boxer I strongly recommend this course “How to Box in 10 Days” for you.


Boxing, kickboxing, or any other martial art is full of techniques and strategies that you can apply to become great at it. Andrew Tate had years of kickboxing and he shared just a little bit of all the techniques that he knows.

If you are interested in learning boxing from the comfort of your house, check out this online course “How to Box in 10 Days” that I recommend to everyone who wants to start boxing or to improve his boxing skills.