Faze Rug Net Worth

Faze Rug is an American Youtuber, Vlogger, Gamer, Prankster rapper and businessman. He made millions of dollars from his Youtube channel and his other businesses. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $30 Million.

Faze Rug Net Worth
Net Worth:$30 Million
Born:November 19, 1996
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Youtuber
Last Updated:2021


Faze Rug is an American Youtuber, Vlogger, Gamer, Prankster and now he is also a rapper and businessman. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $30 Million and his youtube channel has over 20.2 Million subscribers. Faze is a co-owner of FaZe Clan, a professional esports and entertainment organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA, Founded on May 30, 2010.

Faze started Youtube in 2021, by uploading Call of duty gameplay content. Then he started sharing his personal life by vlogging and making prank videos. After Posting his cocaine prank Video in 2015 that is currently viewed 26 million times. The video went viral and he quickly became famous and his subscriber’s number skyrocketed.


Faze is also a public figure and a new rapper he has 6.1 Million followers on Instagram. In November 2019 he released a song called “Goin’ Live”, which was viewed 21 million times on Youtube.

Youtube: FaZe Rug
Instagram: faze rug

The cocaine prank video:

8 Facts About FaZe Rug

  1. Faze rug favorit film is “The Wolf of wall street” Stared by Leonardo DiCaprio where he played the role of Jordan Belfort.
  2. Faze rug have a white board where he list all his goals.
  3. Faze has his first girlfriend when he was in eighth grade, the sad truth is that she was using him for her homework.
  4. His parent are Iraq immigrant who came to united states to achieve the american dream.
  5. Faze had his first youtube channel with his brother called “fathersonchaldean“.
  6. Faze had dropout of college to pursue his Youtube dream career.
  7. Faze has a veneers which is a thin layer used between the thee and the tooth to improve the smile aesthetics.
  8. Faze Instagram and Snapchat were hacked years ago, but he quickly gained access to his account and fix the problem.


Faze Rug Early Life

Faze Rug’s real name is Brian Rafat Awadis, he was born on November 19, 1996, in San Diego, California to immigrant Chaldean Catholic parents from Iraq. Faze’s father is a businessman and owns two stores, this is how he was able to provide a good life for his kids.

The name Rug came from Rugrats. From 2011 to 2012 his online name was Rugrats and when he went to the Faze clan he changed it to rug because of copyright issues. But he still calls his fans Rugrats.


In an interview with Joshua Scott, Faze Rug mentioned that his parents wanted him to go to college but he then dropped out in his freshman year to pursue his YouTube career full-time, because he found it so hard to do both, college homework and youtube games streaming.

After only six months his number on youtube has doubled, the next months the numbers doubled and tripled again. Faze knows that this is the career he wants to pursue and how he will make a big net worth. His parents agreed to it so he never went back to college again.


Faze Rug Career

First Youtube Channel

Faze and his older brother Brandon started a youtube channel called “fathersonchaldean” on October 11, 2008. They uploaded four videos by the end of 2009, but the channel has failed.

Check out the first video from Faze Rug and his brother Brawadis.

Three years later (2012), Faze created his own Youtube channel where he started uploading Call of duty gameplay. Faze became so popular after uploading his first prank video in 2017 where he tricked his mother to think that he was cocaine on him.


Video Game, FaZe Clan & Streaming

faze clan - faze rug

Faze said that his first payments from Youtube were around $200 to $500 a month, that’s mean when he was only 17 years old (2013) his net worth was estimated to be around $3,600 to $6,000 only from gaming. Faze got invited to join the esports team FaZe Clan, which he now co-owns, in January 2013 after uploading many of the “Call of duty” gameplay and got noticed for his good playing skills.

Faze Rug joined FaZe Clan in 2013 and they weren’t treating the team as a business but instead as something funny. In 2017 they added people who know a lot about business so they started thinking about the future of the team and made it professional and made a legal status to it.


Faze Clan became a professional team with all the legal papers and they started splitting the shares, Faze share was one of the big shares and that made him so happy and richer, his net worth was dramatically increased at that time. Today Faze Clan has many rappers and celebrities that are investing money and time in the team like Lil Yachty and many more.

Faze has a second Youtube channel called “FaZe Rug Games” where he only uploads video games content. The channel is successful so far with 840K subscribers and 15 million views. According to socialblade.com, the channel had 1K subscriptions per month and monthly revenue only from Youtube ads between $14 and  $219 or more. This revenue makes Faze’s net worth even bigger than what he is now.

Faze Rug Games Revenue
Last Update: 11/20/2021

Vlogging Transition

faze rug vlogging

Faze starts vlogging after finding out that there are many interesting things to share with his followers in his life, with his family and friends outside of the gaming room. The vlogging was a huge success after uploading his first video “day in the life” which was done after getting 600K subscribers on his channel in 2015, the video performed well, as of 2023 the video has over 1 million views

After his success Faze Rug’s net worth increased and all of the Faze Rug family members started their Youtube channel. Faze’s parent channel is Mama Rug and Papa Rug with 1.5 million subscribers and his brother Brawadis has 4 million subscribers on his channel. Faze is no longer doing gameplay and streaming; he switched all his focus toward vlogging, investment, and his other businesses.


Faze Rug Products

Faze Rug Energie Drink (Rug GFUEL)

faze rug gfuel
Faze Rug and his Gfuel Energy drink

Faze rug’s own an Energy drink company that sells energy drinks. The also sells a wide range of energy drinks likes:


Check out more products on the Gfuel website.

Faze Rug Merch

faze rug merch
Faze Rug Merch Shop

Faze rug offers a merchandise option for its followers. On his website, “fazerug.com” faze fans can purchase hoodies, shirts, t-shirts, and pans. Every Youtuber or influence has its merchandise, it gives his followers a way to support him financially.

Whose two projects help Faze’s net worth got grow even more.

Rap & music career

Faze now does more things than just gaming and vlogging. He recently start raping and doing music. In November 2019 he released a song called “Goin’ Live” and a couple of months later he released the music video. The ads revenue and promotions on his music video helped his net worth to increase even more.

Entertainment Business and Hollywood

faze rug movie crimson
FaZe Rug Movie CRIMSON

Faze said that making a scary movie was a dream of his life, just making a movie was a dream to him but a scary movie is a lot more. Faze said that when he was asked to be in a horror movie he accepted the offer on the spot.

Faze was so happy when he found out that Gregory Plotkin who has worked on over 50 films, including getting Out, Happy Death Day, Game Night was the director of the movie. The film filming part took three weeks, 12 hours of production days. The movie is called “Crimson”. Faze has a portion of all the movie sells and in every sale faze rug’s net worth increases.


Tv Shows and News

Faze has been invited to many Tv shows and news from major tv channels like Fox News.

Real Estate Investment

Faze rug now is a grown man, he stopped doing idiot things like spending money on worthless things. He is now investing in real estate spatially in apartment rental properties.

Faze owns 13 units now, he’s goal is to reach 100 units. He manages his units with a manager so he can focus on his current businesses. Faze believes that real estate will produce money today and in the next years that will come as a passive income.


Faze also owns a $10 Million house in California. Check out more information about Faze Rug house and a Full tour.

4 Financial Tips From Faze Rug

4 Financial Tips From Faze Rug

You can’t become a millionaire like FAZE RUG if you don’t have the right money management skills. check out 4 financial tips from faze rug:

1 – Invest in real estate (Buying properties)

Faze said that he is really into real estate investment, he believes that the best long-term investments are the best. Because it gives you freedom and your net worth will constantly grow.

2 – Invest in your income sources

Faze invests the majority of his money into his youtube channel because he knows that investing in your content will attract more views that will lead to subscribers and more ads revenue.

3 – Invest in Companies Stock

Faze is now investing in tesla stocks because he trust it and he knows that will go up with time, he invested $10,000 in 2020.

4 – Don’t waste money into worthless things

When faze rug started earning his first money, he was spending it on many useless things like clothes and painting his Lamborghini without forgetting that he bought three Lamborghini Huracan with a value of around $1 Million.


4 Success Lessons From Faze Rug

4 Success Lessons Faze Rug

1 – Have a Written Vision

Faze have a whiteboard with a goal list on it. He thinks that a written goal helps you know what you want and focus on the things that matter.

2 – Do What You Love

do what you love to make your duty funny and exciting. if you do it just because of the money you will treat it as a job and someone how loves his job will never achieve greatness in it.

3 – Be Positive and Highly Energetic

one of the success secrets about Fazes rug is being Highly Energetic, because when your energy is low people are bored of you and do not trust you much. Low energy communicates low self-confidence and low self-esteem and people don’t want to be around this type of person.

4 – Take Care of Your Mental Health

Mental health can be the success or failure of any person. if you are in good mental health you will easily achieve your goals and be successful. in not you will never be motivated to do anything and then you will achieve anything.



Faze Rug Girlfrinds

faze rug girlfriend personal life
Faze Rug Girlfriends

Faze hasn’t been in many romantic relationships as he said. His first girlfriend was in eighth grade. They broke up because she was using him for her homework and not giving him the love he deserved.

Faze’s second girlfriend and ex-girlfriend now is Kaelyn. She is an influencer and businesswoman. She was in a relationship with Faze for 5 years. Their relationship wasn’t always good; they were having small breaks out from time to time. Today they are good friends and they still work together on many of their projects. You can check their break-up. video here.


Faze’s third girlfriend and ex-girlfriend is Molly Eskam. She is an Instagram influencer and model. The relationship wasn’t successful or long because she travels a lot and Faze and her know that the relationship will not work.
Faze side of the story.
Molly’s side of the story.

Faze Rug Family

faze rug family
Faze Rug Family

Faze has a fantastique family as he said. His parents are so sweet and his cousin is funny. Faze does a lot of videos with them and also this was his first motive to start vlogging because he has an interesting life to show to his fans. Now all his family has a Youtube channel. His brother Brawadis has one, and his parents have their Youtube channel.

Faze Rug House

faze rug $10 million house
Faze Rug $10 Million House

Faze owned multiple houses, his last purchase was a $10 million house in California. The house has a dining room, a waiting room, a lounge room (where no one sits, but you always make it clean, he said), a laundry room, a guest room with one full bathroom and one full shower.

The house Also includes a gym room, it’s an empty room that Faze will fill with equipment to make it a gym room. In the same room, there is a bathroom and a full closet, a main bathroom, and a medium-size movie theater for 10 persons that has art all around. The main living room has a big bar with fancy lighting and of course the kitchen that includes a pantry where faze will put unhealthy snacks.


The house includes an office room where faze will do business meetings until faze doesn’t know what to do in it because he thinks that he doesn’t need an office for now. The jr. The master bedroom includes a bathroom with a shower room. and another two hidden closets where there are the controllers of the house wifi, electric, water, music, etc.

The master bedroom first has a big rugrats customized painting just for him, a Gucci painting. The room includes a big fancy bathroom and showers, another toilet and a side closet, and another huge closet. The house has a big backyard with a mini-golf course even when he is not a good golf player.

The backyard also has a dog house, not a small one but a real dog house that includes a pee and poop area, the dog house is snake proof. The backyard also includes a swimming pool, a big swimming pool with a water heater, and a pool shower. The garden area is not too big but it looks so good with many different types of flowers and baby trees.

The house has many fancy paintings and decorations like Drake art pieces hand-painted by Artist Sarah Rasul and The wolf of wall street painting and faze’s favorite painting is the Louis Vuitton pink champagne bottle and also a piece of art for Kobe Bryant.

The house will be also used for creating content for Faze Youtube channel, which means this house is another investment made by Faze Rug. The garage has a garage driveway and he can contain four cars and another four outside in the driveway.

Check out the full house tour in this video:

Faze Rug Friends

Faze rug has many friends like Tanner Fox, Lil Yachty, and other YouTubers and celebrities.


Faze Rug Cars

Faze Rub Cars
Faze Rug Cars

Faze rug has a collection of cars that are worth around $2.1 Million. He has a Lamborghini Huracan Evo, Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes AMG, Range Rover SV Autobiography, Tesla Model X Performance, and a Rolls Royce Ghost.


  • Past is the past. You can’t change it. You just gotta learn and move on!
  • Even if you’re feeling unmotivated, keep pushing.
  • So I’ve been planning this for a while, but I bought my dad a brand new Lamborghini. He didn’t want to accept it unless he and I shared it, so I said yes so that he can take it.
  • Yo, I legit made a song as a JOKE in like 2 hours, and people are messing with it. To me, it’s funny, but hey, I’m glad some of you like it. It’s called “Goin’ Live” by FaZe Rug if you wanna hear it on Apple Music or Spotify.
  • Cut the negative people out of your life, and you’ll instantly see a change in your mood.


From a cocaine prank to a multimillionaire Youtuber, rapper, and businessman. Faze rug dropped out of college to pursue his dream. He believed that he could become a successful gamer and youtube and he did it.

Faze Started in 2012 by uploading call of duty gameplay then he switched to vlogging and pranks. In 2013 he became a member of the Faze clan and today he is a co-owner of the team. Faze rug now owns multiple real estate units and a big house in California and a car collection. All of his family are now YouTubers, his parents and his brother have their youtube channels.

Faze rug has been in three official romantic relationships with his eighth-grade college and two YouTubers Kaelyn and Molly Eskam. Recently he is not focusing on relationships but instead, he is so focused on his goals.

Faze rug invests all his money into his youtube channel to create better content and real estate because it is always going to go up in value. As of 2021 Faze Rug’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 Million.


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